Three ways that Anxiety helped me


For decades Anxiety has had a bad reputation.  It’s depicted in advertising as some horrible monster lurking behind you in the shadows.

Anxiety is unpleasant, that is for sure.  But the truth is it has to be unpleasant for you to take notice.

The truth is anxiety is trying to help you.

Anxiety exists to tell you that something is off, out of alignment and needs to change.

I know the furthest thing from your mind is that anxiety is here to help you, but it’s true.

Anxiety is your mind and body’s last response to try and keep you safe.  Before the anxiety kicked in, there would have been many signs that you needed to slow down, take care of your health, and get away from that toxic person, but you went ahead.  I know this because I’ve suffered from anxiety and now can see the before, the during, and the after, and I can promise you the anxiety only comes along when you really need a wake up call.

Here are three examples of how anxiety helped me

  1. A string of panic attacks in my 20s allowed me to understand that I was in a toxic relationship that needed to end.
  2. Anxiety showed up when I was close to burn out and made me realise I needed to make some changes in my career and personal life.
  3. The anxiety and feeling less allowed me to seek help and learn about boundaries after a ‘friend’ broke my trust

It can feel like the anxiety is trying to hurt you, but I promise you it wants you to slow down and listen to what it’s trying to say.

One part of letting anxiety go starts with making lifestyle choices, prioritizing your well-being and health, and reprogramming your beliefs and habits.

If you’re struggling with anxiety at moment reach out to me using this link and let’s get to the root of the issue, make some changes and get you living with calm and confidence again in just one to three sessions.

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With love,

Em xx

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Meet Your Host, Emma Ritchie

Rapid Transormational Therapy (RTT) changed my life. Back in 2017, I wasn’t in a good head space at all. Several events happened back to back, leading me into a pretty dark place. I was waking up gasping for air, filled with anxious thoughts, feeling insecure, full of self-doubt, and massively lacking self-esteem. I knew I had to get myself out of this and fast!

I threw myself into various therapies but returned to reliving and thinking about what had happened. Not moving on from what had happened.

That’s when I found RTT, and after one session, I felt like I was finally wide awake in the present moment again. I walked out of that session feeling confident, high, excited, and very present. I also knew that I had to learn everything I could about RTT and use it to help others wake up and dive back into thriving in life again.


So why RTT? This was my experience - and it honestly changed my life.