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From Fog to Clarity: Rediscovering Self-Worth for Fulfilling Relationships


Hey there, beautiful souls!

As you may already know, I’m dedicated to guiding you on a journey to rediscover your inherent self-worth. You know, that unlimited vat of self-worth you were born with.

If the term “self-worth” feels a bit elusive, that’s okay—I’ve been there. When I faced challenges, it took me a while to connect the dots and realize they were rooted in lower self-worth. Let’s dive into the beginning—the core of self-worth.

When you come into this world, it doesn’t matter what circumstances surround your birth; you arrive with an innate understanding that you are worthy, loved, and possess pure light energy. You’re more than enough, deserving of love simply because you are love. Babies cry, rely on, and expect love because they feel worthiness. This incredible, unlimited self-worth is still with you, whether you’re 18 or 80 years old.

Yet, life experiences can cast a fog over this self-worth. Most often, it traces back to childhood. Imagine being born into a loving family, but your worth is tied to specific achievements—straight As and sports prowess. In adulthood, you become a perfectionist, your self-worth centred on accolades and medals. By your 30s, you might crumble under the pressure, realizing you can’t be the best at everything forever.

Alternatively, growing up in a household filled with arguments or dealing with a sick family member can lead to internalizing emotions. You learn not to rock the boat, prioritizing others over yourself. As an adult, expressing your needs becomes challenging. The symptoms manifest in various ways, but remember, there’s nothing wrong with you.

Picture your self-worth as an unlimited vat. Over time, life events create a fog around it, thickening until you feel disconnected and unsure how to ask for what you deserve. I’ve been there, and I want to share my journey in the hope it resonates with you.

For those familiar with the person I am today, my struggles with low self-confidence might come as a surprise. Trauma, loss, and family fallout marked my early years. The remarriage of my mom brought a stepfather ill-equipped for the role, resulting in a tumultuous relationship. Witnessing this as a young girl, my role became maintaining peace, making him stay, and essentially being the ‘good girl’, and I learned to push my emotions and fears down.

By 12, he left, but the damage was done. My self-worth programming placed men on pedestals, requiring me to please them to keep them happy. This pattern played out in my relationships, a journey filled with love, heartbreak, and deep introspection. I’ve faced selfishness, violence, and abuse, but each experience contributed to my growth.

My journey focused on reclaiming my worth involved clearing the fog. Expressing emotions, setting boundaries, and recognizing my voice became paramount. I’m excited about the present and future because tapping into self-worth changes everything.

Your journey might involve low self-worth in areas like your job, finances, body image, or relationships. People with low self-worth often find themselves in abusive relationships or become people-pleasers, adjusting to others to seek validation.

As we navigate this journey together, remember the importance of recognizing your worth. A quote I cherish by Ayan Lavansant emphasizes, “You don’t get to tell others how to love you; you decide whether to participate in that love.” Apply this to all relationships, honouring your worth rather than wasting energy trying to teach others how to love you.

Essentially, this journey is about clearing the fog—the life events and limiting beliefs blocking you from embracing your abundant self-worth. Living deeply connected to your self-worth transforms your life. You confidently pursue your desires, engage with others authentically, and follow your intuition without hesitation.

Life should feel good. Love should feel joyful, not scary or controlling. Disagreements may happen, but your worth remains intact. Choose to participate in relationships that uplift you, and never settle for less. This journey is about clearing the fog and allowing your self-worth to shine brilliantly.

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Meet Your Host, Emma Ritchie

Rapid Transormational Therapy (RTT) changed my life. Back in 2017, I wasn’t in a good head space at all. Several events happened back to back, leading me into a pretty dark place. I was waking up gasping for air, filled with anxious thoughts, feeling insecure, full of self-doubt, and massively lacking self-esteem. I knew I had to get myself out of this and fast!

I threw myself into various therapies but returned to reliving and thinking about what had happened. Not moving on from what had happened.

That’s when I found RTT, and after one session, I felt like I was finally wide awake in the present moment again. I walked out of that session feeling confident, high, excited, and very present. I also knew that I had to learn everything I could about RTT and use it to help others wake up and dive back into thriving in life again.


So why RTT? This was my experience - and it honestly changed my life.