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“Embracing Your Worth: Lessons from the Snake Charm”


Hey beautiful souls,

Here’s a little tale that came to me when I was camping down south in the blistering heat.

Picture this – bushland, snakes, and a friend’s property. She warned me because of the heat, there would be some snakes around, and her exact words were, ‘Snakes are always there, and you might see them, but you don’t need to cuddle them’. I spent the first three days stomping around every time I walked on the land, full of fear of snakes in the grass.

Then it hit me – snakes have a lower vibrational energy than humans, but some humans operate at a lower vibrational energy than most. It’s these humans that you need to be aware of as these are the kinds that can cause harm and hurt you. You see, those with lower self-worth often play the victim to these snakey characters, trying to scoop people up, fix them, and make everyone okay. But here’s the thing: cuddling snakes, or these energy-draining beings, only lead to them taking more and more.

It’s not your job to attract or seek out snakes to cuddle. Admire them from a distance, recognizing their charm, manipulation, and sleek charisma. But don’t let them pull you into their world. Toxic relationships, like those with narcissistic partners, often resemble this snake-charming dance. It’s about fixing what can’t be fixed, cuddling those who’ll keep on taking, using and ultimately harming you.

You wouldn’t cuddle a snake, so don’t cuddle a snake in human form.

Remember, it’s not your job. Your worth is immeasurable, deserving of love and hugs from high-vibrational souls. You control your path, and you’re worthy of the life you dream of. Don’t let anyone, snake or not, steal your dreams or divert your course.

Stay on your self-worth journey. Make some noise, frighten away those lower energies, and keep walking. Your soul is soaring, and you’re worth so much more. Sending all my love your way.

Keep shining,


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Meet Your Host, Emma Ritchie

Rapid Transormational Therapy (RTT) changed my life. Back in 2017, I wasn’t in a good head space at all. Several events happened back to back, leading me into a pretty dark place. I was waking up gasping for air, filled with anxious thoughts, feeling insecure, full of self-doubt, and massively lacking self-esteem. I knew I had to get myself out of this and fast!

I threw myself into various therapies but returned to reliving and thinking about what had happened. Not moving on from what had happened.

That’s when I found RTT, and after one session, I felt like I was finally wide awake in the present moment again. I walked out of that session feeling confident, high, excited, and very present. I also knew that I had to learn everything I could about RTT and use it to help others wake up and dive back into thriving in life again.


So why RTT? This was my experience - and it honestly changed my life.