For decades Anxiety has had a bad reputation.  It’s depicted in advertising as some horrible monster lurking behind you in the shadows. Anxiety is unpleasant, that is for sure.  But the truth is it has to be unpleasant for you to take notice. The truth is anxiety is trying to help you. Anxiety exists to […]

Three ways that Anxiety helped me


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I’m grateful to have you here! Taking the first step to change your life is one of the bravest steps. I know from personal experience that we can spend months and sometimes even years feeling incredibly lost, disconnected, and fumbling around, trying to find the right person to talk to and not understanding what’s going […]

Welcome home


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My session with Emma was life-changing. Her expertise and nature are truly unique. She made me feel comfortable and followed up after the session, providing me with my voice recording to assist with the healing process.

sarah h

I never would have tried hypnotherapy if it wasn't for how at ease Emma made me feel immediately upon meeting her, and now I'm so grateful that I did!

hannah w

The positive changes I have seen since my session with Emma have surprised me, and the negatives don't have nearly as much impact as they used to.


My experience with Emma Ritchie Therapy was amazing. Emma is fully invested in seeing transformation in your life and leads you safely to discover what is holding you back.

lydia h

After so many years of dealing with issues with control and, most recently, crippling anxiety that was affecting many aspects of my health, I decided to reach out to Emma. All I can say is that it works, and I immediately felt the changes.

debora s

I’ve never been hypnotized, so I was worried it wouldn’t work, but it did! The whole process was amazing, and Emma was so gentle, caring, and reassuring, which meant I was at complete ease throughout.

gillian m

Emma is compassionate empathetic, and holds a space free from judgement. I immediately felt comfortable with her, which helped me integrate my learnings from the therapy with ease. I 100% would recommend Emma to all my family and friends who need therapy, support, or a breakthrough in their life.